“It was very nice finally meeting you and your team. My new openers are working great 👍. Your personality and A-1 service are undoubtedly why you’re so successful at what you do.”

~ Paul N.

“Thanks again! We are very pleased with the door and amazed at the improvement in temperature in the garage!”

~ Anna B.

“Many thanks for the great effort to ‘save’ my old garage door. I’ve had a lot of positive comments and approval from different people who examined it and also want it done to theirs!”

~ Barbara A.

“Thanks for taking the initiative and rewiring the ‘unsafe’ items in my garage. I appreciate your attention to detail. Everything looks and works great!

~ Jeff S.

“Thanks for a quick response and a first class job…”

~ Joe R.

“Many thanks for the remarkably prompt response…”

~ Harry K.

”Thank you so much for coming to our house on a Friday night and saving us!”

~ Stephen M.

“As a quality professional engineer and author a book titled Applying Total Quality to Sales, I can say that your garage door repair service was outstanding. Your professional approach to customer-focused effort was a real treat in today’s world of very unfriendly service. THANK-Q (that’s a quality type-thank you!)

Cas W.

“Thanks so much for all of your help with my new and fabulous garage door. I really appreciate that you were able to come and fix everything on such short notice. Did I mention it was fabulous? The best mistake I’ve ever made was backing into my garage door!”

Betsy R.

“I thought you would call me when you got back to [our neighborhood]. I was at the property yesterday and found you had already finished! Excellent job as usual!”

~ Bob M.

“I want to thank you for solving an annoying problem. It’s so wonderful to push a button one-time and have my garage door go up smoothly and quietly. I have a great respect for your knowledge and expertise. You are a professional in every sense of the word. “

~ Bea M.

“Thanks for taking care of my garage door problem. I really appreciated your honesty in doing what was best in my interest and not yours.”

~ Ron S.